There are many compelling reasons to pay careful attention to the rising interest in social media. Research shows….

  • 75% of all internet users use social media
  • Instagram is the fastest growing medium, with 77 Million users in the US alone
  • According to Statistica, by 2018 there will be 2.5 Billion global social media users
  • The following are the top social media platforms that companies plan on investing more advertising into during 2016 ( MediaPost):
    • Instagram (72%)
    • Facebook (61%)
    • Pintrest (41%)
    • Snapchat (36%)

So what’s the deal? Why should you be carefully considering your social media activities?

  1. Increased Brand Recognition: any opportunity to increase exposure and gain brand recognition is valuable.
  2. Improved Brand Loyalty: engaging with your customers, responding to their comments, and seeing first hand what has market appeal drives increased customer loyalty.
  3. Increased Sales: social media humanizes brands. Buying a diamond, or jewelry, can be intimidating. Social media encourages approaches from consumers, and conversations lead to conversions.

Every day 5 million new photo’s are uploaded to Instagram. How do you make yours stand out? Talk to us.