BChampagne Diamonds offers several services that have successfully helped Jewelers, Diamond Merchants, and Wholesalers to gain brand exposure, and increase market awareness. In turn, this leads to improved sales, and increased clientele.

Supporting Your Social Media Presence:

This is one of our most in-demand services. Champagne Diamonds will partner with you to ensure your Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and SnapChat accounts are running at optimal efficiency. We work with you to ensure the best content reaches the widest audiences.

Our clients have enjoyed seeing their accounts double, triple, and quadruple their followers by following our principles and guidance. Content would be aligned to your existing marketing and advertising strategy.  While we ensure you the very best social media presence, you are free to focus on other critical areas of the business, including design, marketing, sales, and planning.


 Paid posts on Instagram need to be managed with the utmost subtly. Because our focus is high end jewelry, not fashion or beauty products, it is imperative that posts are elegant and refined, as befitting of premium jewelry. Key to any successful campaign, is striking the balance between providing the correct amount of coverage, whilst avoiding the commoditizing and overexposure of your beautifully crafted pieces. Our approach is more refined,  as posts are spread between multiple Instagram accounts (@The_Diamonds_Girl and @ChampagneGem), and thereby avoiding the pitfall many Instagram accounts fall into when they post the same jeweler repeatedly.

Event Coverage:

Investing in an event is time-consuming and costly. We are able to help you maximize your investment by providing extensive social media coverage of the event.  We are available to accompany you to the event, and will post pictures of the event, pictures of the jewelry pieces, of us wearing your jewelry, and of customers shopping at your event. Posts will be across our private accounts, as well as featured on our jewelry event account, @luxuryjewelleryevents. Coverage is divided into three stages:

  • Pre Event: Designed to generate excitement and anticipation about the upcoming event
  • During Event: Designed to attract customers to your event
  • Post Event: Designed to maximize the investment in the event, by prolonging the exposure post event.

Head Office and Store Visits:

We are available to visit your location, to photograph and share pictures of your jewelry at any time. If there are new store openings, revamps, or new range launches, we are available to attend, and provide you with coverage and exposure while you focus on meeting, greeting, and selling to customers.

Social Media Consulting:

We are available to advise and consult on your social media presence, helping to boost exposure and coverage. First step is to conduct an analysis of your current social media presences, identifying gaps and opportunities to improve. Then, we provided detailed recommendations elevate your social media status. Should you wish to partner with us to implement recommendations, we are available to do so. If clients wish to take the recommendations and implement themselves, that too is possible.

In addition to Instagram, we offer  advertising opportunities and editorials on our website, blog articles, twitter and Facebook coverage.